Pay-per-minute cafe in Setapak: Will the idea catch on?

Do you ever felt overstayed your welcome in a cafe out there, by reading, studying, surfing the web or even typical “yam cha” session, while hugging the cappuccino you bought two hours ago?
Pay per minute cafe is originated from the idea of “Ziferblat” with a concept of “everything is free inside except the time you spend there.” (source:…)
Ziferblat (Zifferblatt) means clock face in Russian. Their main idea comes from a simple clock in and out by taking an alarm clock on the cupboard upon arrival. There’s no minimum time. Guests are all welcomed with a variety of snacks (biscuits, fruit, vegetables) and coffee from the professional machine. There’s even a piano there, which it seems to be a brilliant or terrible idea (depending on who takes the seat). Guests are all considered as micro tenants, all sharing the same space.
During the first month of our opening, we have already drawn in some regulars. Along with our first month of social experiment, we found out that people around here are not really familiar with such a concept just yet. However, they do understand the idea instantly during the concept briefing session upon their arrival. It’s truly much appreciated when every of our customer would queue up just to wash their dishes. It’s very social.
What is your thought about the pay-per-minute cafe concept? Comment below and tell us more about it.

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