A Coffee to start your day : Good or Bad?

The coffee effects considered quite controversial in Malaysia. Some of them said that coffee could energize them; whereas some of them said that coffee is not good for health, it could blacken your teeth and so. It’s all depending on who you ask and how much they love coffee.

According to the years of studies, scientists have found out the effects of coffee on health are nothing but solely amazing.

Let’s talk about the great part of drinking coffee below. =)

1. You can be SMARTER

Research shows by drinking coffee, it could literally make you smarter, but why is it and how?

The main ingredient in coffee is caffeine, which is the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive drug (What? a drug? Really?).

Caffeine takes up the responsibility to block the effects of an inhibitory neurotransmitter (named as “Adenosine and increases the neuronal firing in the brain. So what it actually means? Through all of the above caffeine effects on the brain, it could literally improve the consumer’s mood, reaction time and memory.

2. You can burn your FATS

If you did notice about the burning fats commercial, coffee are always the top of burning fats supplement, but why?

The main reason still comes from caffeine. With the presence of caffeine, it actually affects our central nervous system, hence raises our metabolism and oxidation of fatty acids.

The caffeine is just one cup can boost calorie burning by 4% over the course of two and half hour!

3. You can reduce the risk of LIVER CANCER

Drinking more coffee may help stave off liver cancer, a new study suggests. (1)

Our liver is one of the most important organs that carry tons of vital functions in our body. In this modern world, our liver is very vulnerable to modern insults, especially on excessive of alcohol!

There are a few types of research conclusion:

  • By drinking ONE cups of coffee a day lower your liver cancer risk by 20%.
  • By drinking TWO cups of coffee a day lower your risk by 35%.
  • By drinking FIVE cups of coffee a day lower your risk by 50%.
  • Even decaffeinated coffee has a protective effect.

4. You can reduce the risk of PREMATURE DEATH

A new study is adding to the good news about coffee, finding that drinking two to four cups a day is associated with overall lower risk of death, particularly among middle-age drinkers. (2)

Every extra two cups were associated with a 22% drop in mortality – rising to 30 per cent among older patients in the study.  And those drinking four cups had a 64% lower death risk, compared with those who never or rarely consumed coffee.

Coffee contains a number of compounds which interact with the body, including caffeine, diterpenes and antioxidants, and scientists believe some of these have a protective impact. (3)

With all of the good part added in together, it could literally reduce the risk of premature death!

The last word about Coffee

Coffee is not something that brings positive impact all the time, it could harm your health by over drinking coffee.

Therefore, coffee is a great beverage to start your day, but not for every half hour interval drinks.

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